At Least She Ain’t Alicia Silverstone

9 Actual Thoughts That Went Through My Mind the First Time I Saw This Image, Thus Marking Me as a Comic Book Nerd With Severely Screwed-Up Priorities

1. “Um, miss — you’re probably creasing those books by lying on them like that.”

2. “Seriously, can you just… shift your weight slightly and move very carefully off those comics?”

3. “On second thought, it doesn’t look like there are a whole lot of books here worth worrying about. I mean, Deathstroke the Terminator? Argus? That Outsiders series from the ’90s? Yeah, just go ahead and roll around to your heart’s content.”

4. “I wonder if that utility belt is a homemade job or if a fellow can score that online somewhere. Just… you know, hypothetically.”

5. “Is that Bat-symbol Photoshopped in? It looks like it is, but it’s hard to tell…”

6.  “No mask? Young lady, it’s called a secret identity for a reason.”

7. “Hey, I wonder what Yvonne Craig is up to these days… (shuffles over to… says here she’s the voice of Grandma on the Olivia cartoon. Huh.”

8. “Wonder why some of the books look bagged while others don’t? Is that a trick of the light? Or does the guy who lent these books to the photo shoot have some kind of system for what gets bagged and what doesn’t?”

9. “What, no Marvel?”

(With a hat tip to for posting the image and to Aaron M. for pointing me in their direction)


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