What the ‘L’ Is Going On Around Here?

33 Members of Superman’s Supporting Cast Whose Monogrammed Luggage Might Cause Confusion if They All Arrived En Masse at Metropolis Airport

Since the early days of 1. Lois Lane and 2. Lex Luthor, Superman’s writers have had great fun assigning the initials “L.L.” to many of Superman’s love interests and supporting characters.

Why? No one knows for sure. Some fans have suggested it was how one of Superman’s early creators paid tribute to a girlfriend with those initials, and later writers just ran with it. Others suggest the alliterative initials made it easier for readers to recognize a comic character as one from the Superman stable of titles.

One other possibility that’s been floated is that Superman’s penchant for gals named “L.L.” might reflect the Freudian beliefs of Superman’s creator, Jerry Siegel, who listed Superman’s Kryptonian mother’s name as 3. Lara Lor-Van (we’ll leave to posterity what the good doctor might have thought about the relationship between Superman and Lex Luthor).

Whatever the reason, here’s your chance to prove your worthiness to kneel before Zod. Below are the names of 30 more “L.L.” characters that have appeared in various incarnations of the Superman franchise; how many can you correctly identify?

4. Lana Lang

5. Larissa Lee

6. Laura Lang

7. Lena Luthor

8. Lenny Luthor

9. Lenora Lemaris

10. “Lens” Lewis

11. Lesla-Lar

12. Leslie Luckabee

13. Lester Link

14. Letitia Lerner

15. Lewis Lang

16. Lightning Lad

17. Lightning Lass

18. Lillian Luthor

19. Linda Lake

20. Linda Lang

21. Linda Lee

22. Lionel Luthor

23. Liri Lee

24. Lita Laverne

25. Liza Landis

26. Lola-La

27. Lori Lemaris

28. Lorraine Lewis

29. Lucy Lane

30. Luma Lynai

31. Lydia Long

32. Lyla Lerrol

33. Lyrica Lloyd

a. Female superhero on another planet whom Supergirl sees as an ideal romantic match for her cousin

b. Reporter on an alien planet romantically linked to that world’s greatest superhero

c. The only female member of the time-policing Linear Men

d. Famous Hollywood actress and secret spy for the nation of Toran that Superman meets in one of his earlier adventures

e. Member of a primitive tribe on an undiscovered island whom an amnesiac Superman nearly married

f. Gossip columnist for the Daily Planet who tried to expose Clark (Smallville TV series)

g. Meek bookkeeper who decided a life of crime was his ticket to adventure before Superman helped him see the error of his ways

h. Secret identity created for Superman’s cousin when she first arrives on Earth

i. Lex’s bumbling nephew (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace)

j. Brilliant scientist whose jealousy over the other L.L. women in Superman’s life causes her to kidnap them and try to kill the Man of Steel

k. Lois’ younger sister and occasional girlfriend to Jimmy Olsen

l. Kryptonian film star whom Superman falls in love with when he travels back in time to visit his home planet

m. Disreputable photographer who chances upon a photo that conclusively proves Superboy’s secret identity

n. Famous Hollywood actress with whom Clark Kent co-stars in a movie about Superman

o. Superman’s college sweetheart who also happens to be a mermaid

p. Superman’s first girlfriend from his Smallville days

q. One of three original members of the Legion of Super-Heroes that offered membership to Superboy

r. Model who had the unfortunate luck of attracting Mr. Mxyzptlk’s attention

s. Nosy radio station employee whom Superman meets in the past when he tries to get away from Lois Lane and start life over as a radio broadcaster

t. Younger sister of Superman’s mermaid sweetheart

u. Mother to Lex Luthor who died when he was a boy (Smallville TV series)

v. Silver Age foe of Supergirl who is also her exact physical double

w. Metropolis businessman who claims to be Lex Luthor’s son (Lois & Clark TV series)

x. Secret identity adopted by modern-era Supergirl

y. Young mother killed by a meteor (Smallville TV series)

z. Archaeologist who had a penchant for bringing home artifacts of incredible power that Superboy had to deal with

aa. Member of the Legion of Super-Heroes who wielded lightning-like powers and, later, the ability to negate gravity

bb. Superman’s babysitter in a humorous what-if tale starring an infant Clark Kent

cc. At various times, either Lex’s younger sister or Lex’s daughter

dd. Lex’s domineering father (Smallville TV series)

Answers: 4. (p) 5. (r) 6. (y) 7. (cc) 8. (i) 9. (t) 10. (m) 11. (v) 12. (w) 13 (g) 14. (bb) 15. (z) 16. (q) 17. (aa) 18. (u) 19. (f) 20. (x) 21. (h) 22. (dd) 23. (c) 24. (d) 25. (s) 26. (e) 27. (o) 28. (j) 29. (k) 30. (a) 31. (b) 32. (l) 33. (n)


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