Hey, Someone’s Gotta Pay for All Those Dollar-Shaped Swimming Pools

55 Reasons to Believe the Bosses at Harvey Comics Weren’t Too Concerned about Overexposing Their Company’s Biggest Star

“I think not enough respect is given to the cartoony work. Richie Rich, as I’ve said many times and I’m sure will say many times again, is the biggest-selling character in comics history. Not Mickey Mouse, not Superman, not anybody sold as well as Richie.”
Ernie Colón, 25-year Richie Rich artist

Fancy yourself a Richie Rich fan? Are you a bit of a completist when it comes to collecting things? Then let’s hope you have his kind of bucks to complete your collection.

To this day, no other character — not Archie, not Mickey Mouse, and certainly none of the superheroes — can lay claim to having as many books with their name in the title, and no other character comes even close when it comes to starring in concurrently published titles, with Richie starring in 17 different titles in 1980.

It’s something to think about the next time some fanboy near you goes on about his reasons why Wolverine or Spawn or some other maladjusted mesomorph deserves the title of “greatest comic character of all time.”

1. Richie Rich  (254 issues, 11/60-01/91)

2. Richie Rich  (28 issues, 03/91-11/94)

3. Richie Rich & Billy Bellhops  (1 issue, 10/77)
“A suitcase full of laffs,” promises this ode to the power of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat working together to entertain budding capitalists. And you wonder why it only lasted one issue.

4. Richie Rich & Cadbury (29 issues, 10/77-01/91)

5. Richie Rich & Casper  (45 issues, 08/74-09/82)
That’s Casper, as in Casper the Friendly Ghost, that Richie is teaming up with here — thus disproving the Simpsons’ supposition that Casper is actually the ghost of a suicidal Richie Rich who realized the hollowness of pursuing material wealth.

6. Richie Rich & Dollar the Dog  (24 issues, 09/77-08/82)

7. Richie Rich & Dot  (1 issue, 10/74)

8. Richie Rich & Gloria  (25 issues, 09/77-09/82)

9. Richie Rich & His Girlfriends (16 issues, 04/79-12/82)
That’s right — Richie Rich was starring in a book with all his girlfriends at the same time he was sharing a book with Gloria, his supposedly one true gal pal. The cad.  

10. Richie Rich & Jackie Jokers (48 issues, 11/73-12/82)

11. Richie Rich Adventure Digest Magazine (7 issues, 05/92-09/94)

12. Richie Rich and His Mean Cousin Reggie (3 issues, 04/79-01/80)

13. Richie Rich and Professor Keenbean (2 issues, 09/90-11/90)

14. Richie Rich and the New Kids On The Block  (3 issues, 02/91-06/91)
“Music, mirth, mystery and so ‘money’ other things!” promised this series co-starring the boy-band sensation of 1990. We’ll pause to allow those who remember that era of pop music to feel a moment of shame.

15. Richie Rich and Timmy Time (1 issue, 09/77)

16. Richie Rich and…  (11 issues, 09/87-05/90)

17. Richie Rich Bank Book  (59 issues, 10/72-09/82)

18. Richie Rich Best of the Years  (6 issues, 10/77-06/80)

19. Richie Rich Big Book (2 issues, 11/92-05/93)

20. Richie Rich Big Bucks (8 issues, 04/91-07/92)

21. Richie Rich Billions (48 issues, 10/74-10/82)

22. Richie Rich Cash (47 issues, 09/74-08/82)

23. Richie Rich Cash Money (2 issues, 05/92-08/92)

24. Richie Rich, Casper, and Wendy National League (1 issue, 06/76)
This was a special promotional issue celebrating the 100th anniversary of baseball’s National League. Yeah, I don’t get it, either.

25. Richie Rich Diamonds  (59 issues, 08/72-08/82)

26. Richie Rich Digest Magazine  (42 issues, 10/86-10/94)

27. Richie Rich Digest Stories (17 issues, 10/77-10/82)

28. Richie Rich Digest Winners (16 issues, 12/77-09/82)

29. Richie Rich Dollars and Cents (109 issues, 08/63-08/92)

30. Richie Rich Fortunes (63 issues, 09/71-07/82)

31. Richie Rich Gems (43 issues, 09/74-09/82)

32. Richie Rich Giant Size (4 issues, 10/91-10/93)

33. Richie Rich Gold and Silver (42 issues, 09/75-10/82)

34. Richie Rich Gold Nuggets Digest (4 issues, 12/90-06/91)

35. Richie Rich Holiday Digest Magazine (5 issues, 01/80-02/89)

36. Richie Rich Inventions (26 issues, 10/77-10/82)

37. Richie Rich Jackpots (58 issues, 10/72-08/82)

38. Richie Rich Million Dollar Digest (10 issues, 10/80-10/82)

39. Richie Rich Million Dollar Digest  (12 issues, 10/91-11/94)

40. Richie Rich Millions (113 issues, 09/61-10/82)

41. Richie Rich Money World (59 issues, 09/72-09/82)
If someone ever builds a Richie Rich-themed amusement park where patrons can swim in coin-filled pools or ride dollar-shaped roller coasters, they should totally call it “Money World.”

42. Richie Rich Money World Digest (8 issues, 02/91-12/93)

43. Richie Rich Profits (47 issues, 10/74-09/82)

44. Richie Rich Relics (4 issues, 01/88-02/89)

45. Richie Rich Riches (59 issues, 07/72-08/82)

46. Richie Rich Success Stories (105 issues, 11/64-09/82)

47. Richie Rich Summer Bonanza (1 issue, 10/91)

48. Richie Rich Treasure Chest Digest (3 issues, 04/82-08/82)

49. Richie Rich Vacation Digest (1 issue, 10/92)

50. Richie Rich Vacation Digest ’93 (1 issue, 10/93)

51. Richie Rich Vacation Digest Magazine  (1 issue, 10/91)

52. Richie Rich Vacations Digest  (9 issues, 11/77-10/82)

53. Richie Rich Vaults of Mystery (47 issues, 11/74-09/82)
Fun fact: This title was actually “Vault of Mystery” for five issues before they changed it to “Vaults of Mystery” — apparently just so they could have a place to stick another “$” on the cover (they did the same thing with “Bank Book/Bank Books” up above). That’s the kind of attention to brand-building you don’t see a lot of anymore.

54. Richie Rich Zillionz (33 issues, 10/76-09/82)

55. SupeRichie (10 issues, 10/76-01/79)
Yes, he was also a superhero with a butler/sidekick at his side because apparently being the world’s richest prat wasn’t enough. Noted arch-foes included Badman the gangster/prankster and the Onion, whose super power was the ability to write satirical newspaper articles. (No, not really…)

One response to “Hey, Someone’s Gotta Pay for All Those Dollar-Shaped Swimming Pools

  1. I like the list and the comments. There are a couple of minor errors that I noticed, though.

    Richie Rich Million Dollar Digest volume 2 ended with #34. The first issue was dated 11/86 and the last was dated 11/94. There apparently was no #14.

    Super Richie started in 9/75 and became Superichie with #5 and ended with #18 in 1/79.

    There was also the Richie Rich Movie Adaptation in 1995 and Richie Rich & Casper in 3-D from 1987

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