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Strike a Pose, There’s Nothing To It

22 Superhero Comic Books That Brought a New Dimension to Their Heroes by Using Photography on Their Covers

There was a time when photo covers were all the rage in the comics business, especially for the hundreds of books featuring adaptations of films or the continuing adventures of movie and TV stars, or the “true stories” of love and romance. It’s not hard to see why — if you’re a publisher putting out a comic based on, say, The Beverly Hillbillies, why waste money on cover artwork when a studio-supplied photo will do the job just fine?

Photo covers for superhero comic books are a bit harder to find for the simple reason the stars of those books aren’t, you know, actual people. But every once in a while, some editor gets the idea that maybe readers would like to see their heroes in the actual flesh, or maybe juxtaposed with photos of actual things. The results have been… well, see for yourself: