Oh! How About a Super-Villain Who Only Steals Rubies, and Only on Tuesdays? And We Shall Call Her…

20 Titles of Classic Rolling Stones Songs That Pull Double Duty as the Titles of Assorted Comic Book Stories

1. “Tell Me” 
Album: The Rolling Stones (1964) [UK debut]
Comic Story: Vertigo: Winter’s Edge #1 (DC/Vertigo, 01/98)

2. “Route 66”
Album: The Rolling Stones (1964)
Comic Story: American Century #9 (DC/Vertigo, 01/2002)

3. “Not Fade Away”
Album: England’s Newest Hit Makers (1964) [U.S. debut]
Comic Story: Detective Comics Annual #6 (DC, 1993)

4. “It’s All Over Now”
Album: 12X5 (1964)
Comic Story: Young Love #46 (DC, 11-12/64)

The timing of this one is interesting, in that the single came out in the summer of ’64, and if we take into account the comic industry’s tradition of releasing books three to four months ahead of the cover date, that would put this issue on newsstands just weeks after the single hit’s debut in the UK and right around the time of the single’s release in the U.S. (July 25). On the other hand, it could just be a big ol’ coincidence.

5. “Time Is On My Side”
Album: 12X5 (1964)
Comic Story: Time Masters #4 (DC, 05/90)

6. “Little Red Rooster” 
Album: The Rolling Stones, Now! (1965)
Comic Story: Scout #2 (Eclipse, 11/85)

7. “Heart of Stone”
Album: The Rolling Stones, Now! (1965)
Comic Story: Girls’ Love Stories #160 (DC, 07/61); Punisher War Journal #53 (Marvel, 04/93); The Avengers #190 (Marvel, 12/79); Superman Adventures #62 (DC, 12/2001)

8. “Paint It Black” 
Album: Aftermath (1966)
Comic Story: Aquaman #8 (DC, 09/2003); Excalibur #1 (Marvel, 07/2004)

9. “Mother’s Little Helper”
Album: Aftermath (1966)
Comic Story: Archie #235 (Archie, 06/74)

Story synopsis, courtesy of the Grand Comics Database: “Archie’s mother asks him to wash the dishes and the clothes while she’s out, tasks which Archie considers unmanly.” Let’s just say the Stones had another “little helper” in mind when they wrote the song.

10. “Lady Jane” 
Album: Aftermath (1966)
Comic Story: Marvel Comics Presents #23 (Marvel, 07/89); Swamp Thing #120 (DC, 06/92)

11. “2000 Light Years from Home” 
Album: Their Satanic Majesties Request (1967)
Comic Story: Savage Dragon #167 (Image, 12/2010)

12. “Sympathy for the Devil” 
Album: Beggars Banquet (1968)
Comic Story: Mephisto vs. … #2 (Marvel, 05/87); The New Warriors #19 (DC, 01/92); Deathstroke the Terminator #12 (DC, 07/92); Iron Man #56 (401) (Marvel, 08/2002); Daredevil #106 (Marvel, 05/2008)

Really? It took Marvel’s writers that long to use that as a title for a Daredevil story? Huh.

13. “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” 
Album: Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2) (1969)
Comic Story: Gary Arlington’s Thrilling Murder Comics #1 (San Francisco Book Company, 01/71)

GCD, again: “Jumpin’ Jack Flash, the leader of an all-female cult, gets his subjects to kill each other off.” Written and drawn by Robert Crumb. The words “contains explicit sex and violence” are kind of a given when he’s involved.

14. “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” 
Album: Let It Bleed (1969)
Comic Story: The Incredible Hulk #265 (Marvel, 11/81); The Incredible Hulk Annual #16 (Marvel, 06/90); Betty and Veronica #51 (Archie, 05/92); Ghost Rider #35 (Marvel, 03/93)

And so we end our quest to find the one story title that Ghost Rider, the Hulk, and Betty and Veronica share in common.

15. “Gimme Shelter” 
Album: Gimme Shelter (1971)
Comic Story: Rune #3 (Malibu, 03/94); X-Nation 2099 #5 (Marvel, 07/96); Wonder Woman #5 (DC, 05/2007)

16. “Tumbling Dice” 
Album: Exile on Main St. (1972)
Comic Story: Jack of Fables #10 (DC/Vertigo, 06/2007)

17. “Out of Time” 
Album: Metamorphosis (1975)
Comic Story: Flash #91 (DC, 06/94); Star Trek: The Next Generation Special #2 (DC, Summer 1994); JSA #65 (DC, 11/2004); Captain America #1 (Marvel, 01/2005); The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold #11 (DC, 11/2011)

18. “Hot Stuff” 
Album: Black and Blue (1976)
Comic Story: Archie Giant Series Magazine #498 (Archie, 10/80), every issue of Harvey’s Hot Stuff, the Little Devil

19. “Beast of Burden”
Album: Some Girls (1978)
Comic Story: The New Titans #59 (DC, 10/89); X-Men: Evolution #7 (Marvel, 07/2002)

20. “Shattered” 
Album: Some Girls (1978)
Comic Story: Red Tornado #2 (DC, 08/85); Incredible Hulk #76 (Marvel, 10/2004); Batgirl #1 (DC, 11/2011)


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