“Extra! Read All About It! Newsboy Cry Not Actually Heard Since 1946 Used in Blogger’s Headline!”

31 Superheroes and Superhero Girlfriends Who Made Their Living as Members of the Venerable Fourth Estate 

So why are there so many superheroes and their sweethearts working at jobs involving bylines, deadlines and snappy fedoras with big white cards that say “PRESS”?

The obvious answer: Superman, the first comic-book superstar, was also mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent, and early comic publishers were nothing if not meticulous in their efforts to copy every detail of the really successful characters.

That said, giving your hero a day job as a journalist opens up all kinds of storytelling possibilities. Journalists tend to have jobs that take them away from the office (making it easier for them to duck out when duty calls), they meet with all sorts of interesting people (including mad scientists and other easy plot generators), they tend to be crusading types (partially explaining their extra-legal rooftop activities), and no one would ever be suspicious of a reporter showing interest in a crime scene or gathering evidence.

Plus, as Superman has often noted, being a reporter means he’s often the first to hear about disasters and incidents as they happen, making it easier for him to arrive in the nick of time. And as for all the reporter girlfriends — well, what better (if not slightly clichéd) way to inject a bit of secret-identity tension than to make the superhero’s girlfiend a professional snoop?

Below are 31 superheroes and superhero girlfriends who have worked in the media business over the course of their careers. Your mission: match each character with the media outlet they w0rked for.

Annnnd….. go!

1. Clark Kent, aka Superman

2. Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man

3. Alan Scott, aka the Golden Age Green Lantern

4. Vicki Vale, off-and-on girlfriend of Bruce Wayne

5. Jack Ryder, aka The Creeper

6. Britt Reid, aka The Green Hornet

7. Lana Lang, Superboy’s friend and neighbor

8. Iris West, girlfriend/wife of Barry “Flash” Allen

9. April O’Neil, friend to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

10. Billy Batson, aka Captain Marvel

11. Vic Sage, aka The Question

12. Johnny Chambers, aka Johnny Quick

13. Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel

14. Rex Graine, aka Mr. A

15. Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow

16. Linda Park, girlfriend/wife of Wally “Flash” West

17. Tana Moon, girlfriend of Superboy (1990s version)

18. Burton Slade, aka the Golden Age Wasp

19. Joan Dale, aka Miss America

20. Yolanda Montez, aka Wildcat (of Infinity Inc.)

21. Don Wright, aka Captain Freedom

22. Valerie Vaughn, aka Lady Danger

23. Johnny Mann, aka Son of Vulcan

24. Lanford “Happy” Terrill, aka The Ray

25. Joan Mason, girlfriend of Dan “Golden Age Blue Beetle” Garrett

26. Belle Wayne, aka Owl Girl

27. Ken Wyman, aka Devil’s Dagger

28. John Perry, aka Black Fury

29. Jack Wayne, aka Blackout

30. Rueben Rueben, aka Red Rube

31. Perry Chase, aka The Press Guardian (no, really)

a. Investigative Journalist, Hub City’s KBEL-TV

b. Talk Show Host, The Hot Seat

c. Reporter, The Daily Crusader

d. TV reporter, WMET-TV in Metropolis

e. Crime Reporter, The Bulletin, Daily Blade and New York Chronicle

f.  News reporter, WHIZ Radio

g. TV Reporter, Keystone City’s KFMB-TV

h. Crime Reporter and Gossip Columnist, The Daily Clarion

i. Photographer, The Daily Bugle

j. Society reporter, The Express

k. Reporter, Central City’s Picture News

l. Publisher, The Daily Bulletin

m. Owner, Gotham Broadcasting Company

n. Reporter, New York’s Daily Star

o. Science reporter, New York Star

p. Reporter, The Carterville Daily Blade

q. Reporter, The Daily Planet

r. Gossip Columnist, Yorktown Morning Eagle

s. Newsreel Photographer, Sees All/Tells All News

t. Cub reporter, The Daily Sun

u. Publisher, The Daily Sentinel

v. Reporter, Worldwide News Syndicate

w. Reporter, The Daily Free Press

x. Photojournalist, Gotham Gazette

y. Reporter, Channel 6 News

z. War Correspondent, New York Globe’s Berlin bureau

aa. Columnist, Star City’s Daily Star

bb. Reporter, The City Press

cc. Editor, Woman magazine

dd. Reporter, Rock Stars magazine

ee. TV Reporter, Hawaii’s KONA-TV

1. (q) 2. (i) 3. (m) 4. (x)  5. (b) 6. (u) 7. (d) 8. (k) 9. (y) 10. (f) 11. (a) 12. (s) 13. (cc) 14. (c) 15. (aa) 16. (g) 17. (ee) 18. (w) 19. (n) 20. (dd) 21. (l) 22. (bb) 23. (v) 24. (0) 25. (e) 26. (r) 27. (p) 28. (h) 29. (z) 30. (t) 31. (j)


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