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When I Said I Could Use a Hand, This Isn’t What I Meant

51 Comic Covers Featuring Extreme Close-ups of Someone’s Hand or Hands in a Dramatic Pose

So you’re a hotshot cover artist and you’re getting a little bored drawing the usual action poses or the “No! Not… you!” fakeout images and you’re looking for a way to challenge yourself. No problem!

They say hands are the toughest body parts to draw well, so what better way to show off your mad skills than with a cover sporting an extreme close-up of someone’s hands? And it’s not as if you don’t have a lot of inspiration to choose from…

hands-gilgamesh3hands_gothamknights25hands_daredevil81hands-batmanmadmonk2hands-titans1hands-teentitans87 hands_dialh6hands_ddendofdays4