Keep That Torch High, You Comely Lover of Poor and Huddled Masses, You

78 Comic Covers (and One Big-Ass Calendar) Depicting the Statue of Liberty from One Dramatic Angle or Another

Homer: This next song is dedicated to a very special lady. She’s 100 years old and weighs over 200 tons.
Panicking Man: This enormous lady will devour us all! [Screams and jumps into the ocean]
Homer[meekly] I meant the statue!

Heh. The classics never get old:



2 responses to “Keep That Torch High, You Comely Lover of Poor and Huddled Masses, You

  1. Dear Comiclists,
    Could you please do a blog post featuring the many wacky moments of Deadpool? Or at least things on the comic-relief heroes, such as Squirrel-Girl?
    Zarion Kreena

  2. The Spider-Island picture creeps me out.

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