And Now a Little Something for the 12-Year-Old Inside Each One of Us

17 Early Comic Book Titles and 10 Batman Panels from a Classic Batman Comic* That Might Cause a Juvenile Chuckle or Two If They Were Reprinted for Today’s Modern and Dirty-Minded Audiences

1. “The Gay Desperado” 
Star Ranger #4 (Chesler/Dynamic, 06/37)

2. “The Gay City Plague”
Superman #7 (DC, 11-12/40)

3. “The Boobs in the Bomber” 
Military Comics #2 (Quality Comics, 09/41)

4. “The Bushmaster”
Comic Cavalcade #3 (DC, Summer 1943)

5. “Two Months in the Bush” 
War Heroes #5 (Dell, 07/43)

6. “Oscar Pulls a Boner” 
Archie Comics #7 (Archie, 03-04/44)

7. “Dopey Dick” 
Animal Antics #1 (DC, 03-04/46)

8. “Gay Blade of Terror!” 
All Winners Comics #1 (Marvel, 08/48)

9. “Angel Pussy” 
Triumph Comics (Post Cereal, 1948)

10. “Terror of the Bush” 
The Westerner Comics #25 (Orbit-Wanted, 02/50)

11. “The Beaver Strikes!” 
Little Al of the FBI #10 (Ziff-Davis, 11/50)

12. “The Bushwhacker Strikes!” 
The Arizona Kid #1 (Marvel, 03/51)

13. “Superman’s Super-Boners”
Superman #87  (DC, 02/54)

14. “Beaver Valley”
Four Color Comics #625 (Dell, 04/55)

15. “The Bushwacker”
Annie Oakley and Tagg #7 (Dell, 04-06/56)

16. “Boobs In Birdland” 
Little Archie in Animal Land #1 (Archie, Fall 1957)

17. “The Beaver Battle” 
Bugs Bunny’s Vacation Funnies #8 (Dell, 08/58)

* The panels are from “The Joker’s Comedy of Errors,” (Batman #66, 08-09/51), a story written by Bill Finger and drawn by Lew Schwartz and Charles Paris that is quite possibly the awesomest Batman story ever written. Because, you know, boners (giggle).


6 responses to “And Now a Little Something for the 12-Year-Old Inside Each One of Us

  1. For the same reason a comic titled “Giant-Size Man-Thing” is funny: it just is.

    I came up with the idea for this list when I noticed a story from the old days with a title that made me giggle because it could have been interpreted in a dirty way by a juvenile mind like mine. All these titles contain words that have double meanings as naughty words, and it’s very unlikely the writers and editors in the old days ever considered the smutty imaginations of 21st-century nerd-types like me when they were coming up with these titles (hence the humor in them).

    Plus, “boner” means something totally different today than what it did in the 1950s (i.e., “a big mistake”), and a story with Batman and the Joker saying “boner” over and over is just too much for my inner child to resist. 🙂

  2. I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean.

  3. The word “b****.” I’m censoring it, because I suspect it’s dirty. If it is, please don’t tell me what it means. I intend to not know what words are dirty until the day I die. So far, it’s working. I am (age censored for privacy reason), and I do not know any racist, dirty, or a hybrid of the two, words. As far as I know. Wow, I’m rambling. Did I remember to take my allergy medicine? Ha, ha.

  4. How do you find the time to make all of these posts?

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