They’ve Got Legs and They Know How to Use Them

70 Comic Covers That Aren’t Afraid to Put a Good Pair of Gams Right Smack on the Cover

You want to know the real reason comic-book characters spend so much time working on their quads and glutes?

Because they know, sooner or later, some hotshot editor is going to say, “Hey! Let’s do one of those dramatic poses where the camera is right behind you and we focus on something dramatic happening in the space between your legs.”

And when that day happens, you can only pray the magazine’s title will cover up your sagging butt:



One response to “They’ve Got Legs and They Know How to Use Them

  1. Several classics, weird ones and one cover I got particularly excited to see (though all of them I was excited to see because your cover galleries are so damn great). I’ll let you guess which one. (Hint; it has something to do with The Last Laugh event)

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