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You May Safely Assume All “To the Bat-Pole!” Jokes Have Been Dutifully Deployed

12 Actual Thoughts That Went Through My Mind the First Time I Saw This Image, Marking Me as a True Comic Nerd

1. Where’s Catwoman?

2. No, seriously, where is Catwoman?

3. Bit of a smug look on his face, don’t you think? Wonder what he’s thinking right now? “Sure glad I gave Robin the night off,” maybe?

4. Pfft. As if Batman’s mission would allow him any time for spontaneous rooftop cosplay foursomes.

5. What do you suppose is keeping Batman’s cape flared like that?

6. Resolved: that Emma Frost was never really telepathic and just relied on her skimpy costumes to reduce her opponents to gibbering messes.

7. Man, the Black Cat is such a total Catwoman ripoff. I’m surprised she doesn’t have two henchmen in tiger-striped shirts off to the side.

8. So we know Batman’s utility belt contains a tool for every possible contingency. Did he pack a few of those, too? And if so, did he have them specially made with his bat-logo, just like every other damned item in his Batcave, up to and including the coffeemaker?

9. Oh, man — I just said “Batcave” and my mind went to a place I did not want it to go.

10. You know, I read a lot of Avengers books back in the day and I don’t remember the Scarlet Witch’s costume ever being that… um, mindful of Earth’s precious resources.

11. Let’s face it: Batman would completely own the Marvel universe if he ever moved there. Spider-Man? Crying for his Aunt May in five minutes. Captain America? Will lick Batman’s boots clean and like it. Thor? Gets smacked by his own hammer after five minutes of Batman’s mental jiu-jitsu. Tony Stark? Selling his repulsors on eBay faster than you can say “hostile takeover.” Just stating facts, people.

12. Hey… are they promoting a new Marvel/DC crossover series? Because that would be so sweet!

(With a hat tip to Greg H. for posting this image from Tales from the Geek in his Facebook feed)