How “Lo” Can You Go

20 Marvel Story and Cover Titles That Start With “Lo”

There are a couple of old-fashioned words I wouldn’t mind seeing make a comeback. “Gimcrackery,” for instance. Or “hootenanny.” Maybe even “hullabaloo.”

And then there’s “lo,” an old interjection used to tell someone you’re about to say something surprising. There’s plenty of “lo and behold” to go around, but nobody ever says things these days like “Lo! This grilled cheese sandwich is unpalatable!”

Which is a shame, because Marvel has certainly done its part to bring back the “lo”…

1. “Lo, There Shall Be an Ending!” 
Fantastic Four #43 (10/65)


2. “Lo, This Monster” 
The Spectacular Spider-Man (magazine) #1 (07/68)

3. “Lo, the Leader Lives” 
The Incredible Hulk #115 (05/69)

4. “Lo, the Lord of the Leopards!”
Daredevil #72 (01/71)

5. “Lo, the Monster Strikes!” 
Werewolf by Night #14 (02/74)


6. “Lo, the Raging Battle!” 
Thor #232 (02/75)

7. “Lo, the Liberty Legion!”
Marvel Premiere #29 (04/76)

8. “Lo, the Powers Changeth!” 
Doctor Strange #19 (10/76)

9. “Lo, the Quest Begins!”
Thor #255 (01/77)

10. “Lo, the Sub-Mariner Strikes!”
Rampaging Hulk #5 (10/77)

11. “Lo, the Moons of Yavin”
Star Wars #5 (11/77)

12. “And Lo, a Child Shall Lead Them” 
Godzilla #24 (07/79)

13. “Lo, There Shall Come a Champion!” 
The Amazing Spider-Man #274 (03/86)

14. “Lo, the Axeman Cometh!”
Nth Man the Ultimate Ninja #8 (01/90)

15. “Lo, a Spectral Enemy Rises…” 
Iron Man #258 (07/90)

16. “Lo, There Shall Be an Ending”
Power Pack #62 (02/91)

17. “Lo, There Shall Come a Forbush” 
What The–?! #20 (08/92)


18. “Lo, There Shall Come an Avenger”
Doom 2099 #33 (09/95)

19. “Lo, There Shall Come — a Really Big Robot!” 
Nova #3 (07/99)

20. “Lo, There Shall Come a Menace!” 
The Amazing Spider-Man #551 (04/2008)

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