“Wow, This I.P. Frehley Guy Really Knew His Stuff.”

35 Comic Writers and Artists Who Adopted Pseudonyms to Sign Some of Their Works  

quiz_pseudonymsBack in the day, many comic artists refused to sign their real names to the stories that came out of their studios. Let other people with respectable jobs and standing in the community know they were using their talents to create something as childish and socially unacceptable as comic books? Inconceivable!

Pseudonyms have also come in handy when artists want to hide the fact they’re working for the competition, hide their gender or ethnicity from readers (for instance, a lot of male writers would use female pen names when writing romance comics), or dissociate themselves from a book that didn’t turn out the way they wanted (like the way writer Steve Englehart did when he grew tired of the endless “notes” on his Fantastic Four stories during his time on the title).

The most famous comic book pseudonyms, of course, are Stan Lee (born Stanley Lieber) and Jack Kirby (born Jacob Kurtzburg) — two guys who would later adopt their pen names as their legal ones.

Your mission is simple: match each pseudonym on the left with the artist who used it on the right.

Annnnd….. go!

1. H. E. Arloff

2. Adam Austin

3. Bill Brown

4. Francis X. Bushmaster

5. Jefferson Cooper

6. Jed Corby

7. Jack Curtiss

8. Larry Dean

9. Herbert Fine

10. Scott Fleming

11. Bob Fuje

12. Jack Harmon

13. Iger

14. Ralph Johns

15. Leger

16. Lew Loger

17. Steven Mallory

18. William Erwin Maxwell

19. Sam Meade

20. Edgar Ray Merritt

21. Gary Michaels

22. Frank Morrison

23. Dutch Nireves

24. Jay Noel

25. Sergius O’Shaughnessy

26. Greg Page

27. Frank Ray

28. Reuths

29. Steele Savage

30. Curtis Slarch

31. Al Stak

32. Gregory Sykes

33. W. Morgan Thomas

34. Christian Volt

35. Xela

a. Bob Fujitani

b. Gardner Fox

c. Jose Garcia-Lopez

d. Hazel Marten

e. Alex Bloom

f. Will Eisner

g. Arnold Drake

h. Jim Mooney

i. Alex Schomburg

j. Jerry Siegel

k. Joe Shuster

l. Mickey Spillane

m. Murray Boltinoff

n. Bob Powell

o. John Broome

p.  Al Feldstein

q. Gene Day

r. Gardner Fox/Bert Christman

s. Jerry Siegel

t. Gene Colan

u. Jack Abel

v. Mike W. Barr

w. Robert Kanigher

x. Jack Cole

y. Joe Simon

z. Jack Kirby

aa. Alfredo Alcala

bb. Denny O’Neil

cc. Gil Kane

dd. John Severin

ee. Gerry Conway

ff. Steve Bissette

gg. Frank Giacoia

hh. Wayne Boring

ii. Matt Baker

1. (g) 2. (t) 3. (p) 4. (ee) 5. (b) 6. (w) 7. (z) 8. (r) 9. (j) 10. (d) 11. (a) 12. (hh) 13. (e) 14. (x) 15. (s) 16. (c) 17. (v) 18. (f) 19. (m) 20. (o) 21. (u) 22. (l) 23. (dd) 24. (h) 25. (bb) 26. (ii) 27. (gg) 28. (k) 29. (q) 30. (ff) 31. (cc) 32. (y) 33. (n) 34. (aa) 35. (i)


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