Break On Through to the Other Side

41 Covers Featuring Someone Busting Through the Page

busting_action0-2012Are you following DC’s New 52 titles? I’ll admit, at first blush I wasn’t that impressed by what I saw, but I’m now seeing a few titles worth checking out once in a while (though I’m not too thrilled with how fast the “New 52” is becoming like the “old DC” when it comes to pushing the crossover issues. WE DON’T WANT TO BUY EVERY TITLE YOU PUT OUT JUST TO FOLLOW A DAMN STORYLINE, COMPRENDRE, TIME-WARNER? Ahem…).

You know what else I’m seeing? Heroes busting through the covers! A few months ago, all the New 52 titles with November cover dates sported a “#0” number and featured covers showing the heroes busting through the page, as seen here. And it got me to thinking: Has anyone ever thought of doing that kind of thing before? Why, yes. Yes, they have:

busting_detective38busted_tommix1busting_superman9 busting-dynamic2busted-laugh31busting-docsavage20busting_batman20busted-headlinecomics7busting-captmarveljr30busted_spaceadv13busting_captainamerica109great-gsxmen1busting_sgtrock340busting_marvelfunandgames13busting_adventure475busted-captaincarrot17busting_teentitans34busted_LSH1busting_captainamerica312busted_frightnight6busting_starman9busting_wcavengers51busting_excalibur18busting_nam41busting_newwarriors1busting_punisher36busting_hulk372busting_suicidesquad63busting_alphaflight109busting_justiceleague71busting_captaincanuck2busting_superboy0busting_doomsday1busting_untoldsm1busting_advsuperman568busting_superman179busting_shehulk10busting_villainsunited2busted_superman660busting_birdsofprey15busting_shade4


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