“Around the Corner… and We’re Home Free!”

38 Joe Kubert Covers Featuring Imminent Ambushes or Hidden Dangers Unseen By Members of Our Army at War

Let me just say this right up front: Joe Kubert was a consummate professional and one of the great craftsmen of the business, with few equals when it came to showing readers the art of war. Having said that, the guy worked on a deadline, just like everyone else. So it’s no surprise to see a few themes and recurring motifs in the many, many war comic covers he produced over the course of his career.

For instance, in Kubert’s hands the fellows in our fighting forces had a tendency to walk themselves right into an enemy ambush, or were prone to say things like “We’ll catch those Nazis by surprise!” just before they, in fact, were the ones who were about to be surprised.  That’s what us folks in the writin’ business like to call “irony.”

ourarmy170ourarmy195gicombat133gicombat137ourfighting122ourarmy214 ourarmy217ourfighting124gicombat144ourarmy226gicombat145tomahawk132ourarmy232ourfighting132ourarmy241starspangled166ourfighting141ourarmy255ourarmy256gicombat160starspangled174ourfighting146 gicombat171starspangled180ourfighting151starspangled184gicombat176starspangled185gicombat179gicombat182 starspangled191gicombat185kubert-fightingforces164ourfighting179sgtrock322sgtrock364sgtrock_391gicombat286


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