“Hulk Not Happy You Call Hulk Dumb, Blog-Man!”

31 Nicknames Coined by the Hulk for Other Denizens of the Marvel Universe (and Beyond)


Let’s step into the Wayback Machine to seek out a more innocent time, a time when polyester was plentiful, the good guys were always good, Spider-Man’s writers didn’t get death threats over their editorial decisions, and a childlike Hulk conferred cute nicknames upon everyone he met.

Yes, the ’70s was a magical time for those comic fans who can remember it, and a near-incomprehensible era for those who can’t. For instance, how was it possible that a character defined by his uncontrollable rage, infantile intellect and desire to smash things at the slightest provocation was able to, say, repeatedly make his way into Manhattan and have rip-roaring team-ups with 1. Bug-Face, his term of endearment for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?

Just because, that’s how! And in that same spirit of anything goes, let’s take a look at some of the more memorable nicknames the Hulk bestowed upon colleagues and criminals over the years.

Your mission: match the nickname on the left to the hero or villain on the right. Some are pretty easy to figure out, some not so much… but every one of them is a delightful reminder of the way everyone’s favorite not-so-jolly green giant used to be.

Annnnnnd…. go! 

2. Wing-Man

3. Rock-Face

4. Skirt-Man

5. Skull-Face

6. Long-Hair

7. Flag-Man

8. Scale-Face

9. Magician

10. Bald-Man

11. Cape-Man

12. Split-Face

13. Metal-Man

14. Sheet-Face

15. Little Man

16. Pointy-Ears

17. Space-Man

18. Green-Hair

19. Fish-Man

20. Bird-Nose

21. Goat-Face

22. Shiny-Head

23. Prune-Face

24. Sword-Girl

25. Broom-Head

26. Big-Head

27. Cat-Girl

28. White-Face

29. Horn-Face

30. Tooth-Face

31. Metal-Lady

a. Wolverine

b. Dr. Druid

c. Thor

d. Iron Man

e. Doc Samson

f. Orca

g. Stingray

h. Moonstone

i. Batman

j. Moon Knight

k. Silver Surfer

l. Ghost Rider

m. Hellcat

n. Rhino

o. Hercules

p. The Collector

q. Abomination

r. The Leader

s. Captain Marvel

t. Joker

u. The Thing

v. Valkyrie

w. Doctor Strange

x. Superman

y. Jack of Hearts

z. Sub-Mariner

aa. Ares

bb. Captain America

cc. Nighthawk

dd. Woodgod

2. (g) 3. (u) 4. (o) 5. (l) 6. (c) 7. (bb) 8. (q) 9. (w) 10. (b) 11. (x) 12. (y) 13. (d) 14. (j) 15. (a) 16. (i) 17. (s) 18. (e) 19. (z) 20. (cc) 21. (dd) 22. (k) 23. (p) 24. (v) 25. (aa) 26. (r) 27. (m) 28. (t) 29. (n) 30. (f) 31. (h)


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  1. Zarion like picture-word blog!

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