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Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby

20 Stories in Which Marvel Writers Apparently Thought the Thing’s Presence Was a Great Excuse to Put a Little Something Special in the Title   

See, here’s the thing. When you read enough Marvel books (and good God have I read a lot of them in my day), you start to notice certain things about how they come up with story titles.

Take the Thing, one of the most recognized and generically named heroes in their catalogue. He’s been in hundreds, if not thousands, of stories over the years, and every so often the writers like to get a bit cute with the whole “use a common phrase with the word ‘thing’ in it for a title.” How cute? You be the judge:


1. “The Shape of Things to Come!”
Fantastic Four #162 (09/75)

2. “Remembrance of Things Past!”
Marvel Two-In-One #50 (04/79)

3. “The More Things Change…” 
Fantastic Four #238 (01/82)

4. “Things Aren’t Always What They Seem”
Alpha Flight #9 (04/84)

5. “To All Things An Ending”
The Thing #22 (04/85)

6. “Things to Come!”
Fantastic Four #310 (01/88)

7. “The More Things Change…! Or It’s the Real Thing”
Fantastic Four #350 (03/91)

8. “Remembrance of Things Past” 
The Adventures of the Thing #1 (04/92)

9. “Love Is a Hurtin’ Thing” 
The Adventures of the Thing #3 (06/92)

10. “The Shape of Things That Came”
Fantastic Four Unlimited #7 (09/94)

11. “Things to Come!” 
Fantastic Four #403 (08/95)

12. “Things Change”
Fantastic Four #39 (03/2001)

13. “Remembrance of Things Past”
Fantastic Four #56 (08/2002)

14. “Strange Things”
The Thing: Freakshow #3 (10/2002)

15. “Money Changes Everything”
The Thing #1 (01/2006)

16. “Many Annoying Things, None of Them French Fantastic Four”
Fantastic Four #541 (11/2006)

17. “And Now For SomeTHING Completely Different…”
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #17 (12/2006)

18. “The Image Is the Thing”
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #40 (11/2008)

19. “Just One Little Thing”
Marvels: Eye of the Camera #1 (02/2009)

20. “Everything Will Change Soon (in Bed)”
I Am an Avenger #4 (02/2011)