Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

53 Comic Covers That Illustrate a Mirror’s Reflective Properties

It’s the first of the month, which means it’s time to look at a few more Curious Covers!

This month, we continue our appreciation of all things reflective by looking at covers with mirrors on them. Now, when I first started searching for these covers, I thought about just including covers where mirrors are used to help the reader see both the action and the reaction of people witnessing the action, like the first cover down below. Then I found a whole bunch of covers featuring crazy funhouse mirrors, then a couple more with mirrors reflecting the image that someone wants to see in them, then a few more with mirrors showing images that someone doesn’t want to see, then a few more that treat mirrors as magical portals to other-dimensional realms…

… and then I thought, man, we really do expect a lot from our mirrors, don’t we? Anyhow, here are a few covers to take us through the looking glass. Enjoy!

mirrors-morefun65mirrors-zipcomics26mirrors-allamerican42mirrors-fawcettfunny5mirrors-supersnipe9mirrors-prize38mirror-mastercomics48mirrors-allamerican82mirrors-fourcolor356mirrors-marveltales104mirrors-strangemysteries4mirrors-detective213mirrors-romanticstory27mirrors-journeyunknown35mirrors-forbiddenworlds52 mirrors-loislane5mirrors-strangeadv102 mirrors-action269mirrors-houseofmystery108mirrors-forbiddenworlds99mirrors-worldsfinest121mirrors-houseofsecrets56mirrors-wonderwoman134mirrors-forbiddenworlds109mirrors-greenlantern38mirrors-detective389mirrors-loislane94mirrors-houseofmystery182mirrors-houseofsecrets85mirrors-aquaman54mirrors-witchinghour18mirrors-superboy184mirrors-houseofmystery216mirrors-beware6mirrors-adventure434mirrors-weirdwondertales9mirrors-vaultofevil23mirrors-ghostmanor44mirrors-hulk238 mirrors-grimmsghost60mirrors-wonderwoman315reflection-newteentitans19mirrors-hulk339mirror-vigilante50mirrors-unclescroogeadv9mirrors-docsavage22mirrors-hardware17mirrors-shadowbat63 mirrors-azrael91mirror-elektra16mirrors-sabrina38mirrors-doompatril14mirrors-totem2

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