Batman! Pull Yourself Together! You’re Falling to Pieces, Man!

43 Comic Covers Inspired by Jigsaw Puzzles

Some fun facts you may not know about jigsaw puzzles:

  • The first known jigsaw puzzle was created in 1767 when English cartographer John Spilsbury chopped up a wooden map of Britain and challenged the public to reassemble his “dissected puzzle.”
  • The golden age of jigsaw puzzles was the 1920s and 1 930s, thanks to both improved manufacturing technology and the Great Depression, a time that saw kids and adults looking for cheap ways to pass the time. Restaurants and diners even rented puzzles for a few cents to customers.
  •  The world’s largest jigsaw puzzle, dubbed Double Retrospect, consists of 32,000 pieces and takes up 100 square feet of space when completed. Its makers estimate it would take about 400 hours (or almost 17 days without breaks) for the average puzzler to complete. 
  • Jigsaw puzzles have often come in handy for comic artists looking for a fun way to make their cover pop. But you already knew that, right?



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