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Wait, I Get It Now. Mister E. “Mystery.” Oh, Those Madcap Writers of Yore.

38 Band Name Suggestions Culled From Old DC Comics 

So I did a thing a while ago in which I listed several bands that found inspiration in the comics and comic strips when they went looking for a good name. And then I thought, “Hey, what if I could help an up-and-coming band find its own cool, derived-from-comics name to boost its geek cred among today’s pop-culture-savvy generation of post-modern hipsters?” So here we are.

If any bands using any of the following as a band name ends up on your future playlist… you’re welcome.


1. Inferior 5

2. Trenchcoat Brigade

3. Metal Men

4. Mother Box

5. Cosmic Treadmill

6. Challengers of the Unknown

7. Boy Commandos

8. Revenge Syndicate

9. Injustice Gang

10. Abra Kadabra

11. Metron’s Chair 

12. Klarion the Witch Boy 

13. Masters of Disaster

14. The Barren Earth

15. Big Sir

16. Boy Commandos

17. The Zoo Crew

18. Deep Six

19. Jewel K 

20. Dial H for Hero

21. Easy Company

22. Fearsome Five

23. Harbinger

24. Infinity, Inc.

25. The Losers

26. Mister E 

27. Doctor Bedlam

28. Nightshade

29. Omega Men

30. Suicide Squad

31. Syonide

32. Ten-Eyed Man

33. The Wanderers

34. Bad Samaritan

35. Shado

36. Speed McGee

37. Wonder Twin Powers

38. Kneel Before Zod