Like Sands Through the Hourglass…

38 Comic Covers Prominently Featuring Hourglasses

The word of the day, gang, is “skeuomorph,” a fancy way of saying “newer stuff that retains some design elements from the older stuff it replaced.”

Think the “save” button at the top of your computer program window, and how it looks like a floppy disk, an object that very few people use anymore. Or how emojis and public signs for telephones look like old-fashioned desk phones even though most of us today equate “phone” with “little rectangle thing in our pocket.” That save button and telephone icon are examples of skeuomorphs.

Then there’s my personal favorite, the little hourglass icon that a computer might use to say, “Whoa there, pardner — you just sit tight while we finish loadin’ up this fancy program you just asked me to open. Patience is a virtue, friend.”

Speaking of hourglasses: isn’t it interesting how an ancient method of marking time that’s now mostly relegated to souvenir shops and board games still gets trotted out whenever comic artists need a cool visual to denoted the passage of time, or that someone’s time is up, or some other time-related concept?

For instance…


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