This’ll Just Sting a Little

14 Titles Suggesting Marvel’s Writers Apparently Remembered Only One Thing About Scorpions From Their High School Biology Class

“This thing on (tap tap)? [Draws on cigarette] Okay, so, yeah, I knew taking on the Scorpion role meant I might be limiting myself as a villain. But the chance to become one of Spider-Man’s super-villains — maybe even his arch-villain — man, you just don”t say no to that. The kid was hot back then, and I was ready to ride his wagon to the stars, man.”

“But then my stories were always given titles like ‘Sting of the Scorpion’ this or ‘The Scorpion Stings at Midnight’ that. And I kept saying to the writers, dudes, I’m not just a one-trick super-villain, y’know? I don’t care if your readers only know one thing about scorpions. I got super-strength, dig? And I can climb walls! I’ve even got my own ‘scorpion-sense’ to compete against Spider-Man’s spider-sense! And did you know I even once upgraded my tail so that it spewed acid? You ever see a real scorpion in the wild that could spit acid?”

“[Draws on cigarette] Man, those writers… they don’t know nothin’. I ain’t some two-bit Spider-Man animal villain who’s only about the stinging. I’ve got range, man… (sniff) and I got feelings, too.”


1. “The Scorpion’s Sting!” 
Kid Colt Outlaw #115 (03/64)

2. “The Sting of the Scorpion”
Captain America #122 (02/70)

3. “The Scorpion Stings But Once!”
The Amazing Spider-Man #145 (06/75)

4. “Scorpion… Where Is Thy Sting?”
The Amazing Spider-Man #146 (07/75)

5. “A Savage Sting Has — the Scorpion!”
Marvel Team-Up #106 (06/81)

6. “Sting Your Partner” 
The Amazing Spider-Man #318 (08/89)

7. “Invasion of the Spider-Slayers, Part Three: Life Stings!”
The Amazing Spider-Man #370 (12/92)


8. “Sting of Death!” 
The Shroud #2 (03/94)

9. “The Sting of the Scorpion!”
Spider-Man Adventures #2 (01/95)

10. “The Sting of Conscience!”
Spider-Man Unlimited #13 (08/96)

11. “Sting of the Scorpion!”
Spider-Man Unlimited #22 (11/98)

12. “Scorpion Sting! Hulk Smash!”
Incredible Hulk #87 (11/2005)

13. “The Sting!” 
The Amazing Spider-Man #626 (05/2010)

14. “The Sting That Never Goes Away”
The Amazing Spider-Man #651 (02/2011)


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