Just in Case the Costume and Shield Design Didn’t Make It Obvious Enough

47 Covers Featuring Captain America and the American Flag

Hey, there’s a new Captain America movie this month! I can’t think of a better time to do a couple of lists about everyone’s favorite star-spangled sentinel. First up: a collection of covers with Cap — rather redundantly, it seems to me — sharing cover space with Old Glory itself.

Interesting factoid (or not): as far as I can tell, the earliest cover featuring both Captain America and an image of the American flag was the 1976 Bicentennial Battles comic shown below. We shouldn’t be too surprised; the covers produced by Marvel/Timely in the 1940s tended to follow the “more is more” school of art (with heroes and Nazis and tanks and torture devices flying every which way), while Marvel’s Silver Age covers leaned more towards caption-heavy tableaux that teased readers with snapshots of the battle scenes within.

It’s only really been the past couple of decades that Cap’s cover artists have mass-produced the type of flag-waving imagery that you’d expect of an ultra-patriotic character like Cap. What that might say about the state of the union I’ll leave for the poli-sci pundits to ponder…



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