I Want You… To Stop Pointing at Me. Seriously, It’s Freaking Me Out.

41 Comic Covers That Draw Inspiration from James Montgomery Flagg’s Iconic Uncle Sam Recruitment Poster

A few fun facts about American artist James Montgomery Flagg:

  • He was born June 18, 1877.
  • Yes, that was his actual name.iwantyou-flaggposter
  • He drew comic strips, advertisements, book illustrations and magazine covers, but he is probably best known for his political posters.
  • He created his most famous work in 1917, a poster to encourage recruitment in the United States Army that showed Uncle Sam pointing at the viewer; more than four million copies were printed during the First World War.
  • “I Want You” was inspired by a British recruitment poster showing Lord Kitchener, Britain’s Secretary of State for War during WWI, in a similar pose.
  • Just as Flagg once found inspiration in British artist Alfred Leete’s poster, more than a few comic artists have been inspired by Flagg’s iconic image:



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