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You’re a Grand Old Flag, You’re a High-Flying Flag

32 Golden Age Covers Proudly Flying the American Flag

Places where I saw the American flag during a recent weekend trip to New York City:

  • on the back of a school bus
  • in the window of every souvenir store
  • on the Staten Island ferry
  • on at least three T-shirts
  • outside every hotel you walk by
  • attached to a car antenna
  • sticking out of the top of a baby stroller
  • on more baseball caps than I could count
  • in the window of a street vendor’s food stand
  • on several backpacks
  • flying from the stall of several street vendors selling NYC caps and tchotchkes

Conclusion: Americans really, really like their flag. So in honour (sorry, honor) of that patriotic spirit and their Fourth of July holiday, here are a few Golden Age covers that aren’t shy about showing their true colors: