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If You Haven’t Seen It, It’s New to You

superman-it-tickles9 More Superman-Centric Lists for Your Viewing Satisfaction

Not ready to say goodbye to Superman Month just yet? Well, too bad, because the month is almost over and I’m out of material. But if you really need your Superman fix, then here are some lists I’ve done in the past that fit perfectly with this month’s focus on the Man of Steel. Enjoy!

1. More Stylin’ Than a… Um, Stylish Locomotive?
14 Thoughts I Had While Wearing This Superman T-Shirt, Currently in the Running for The Best Present a Son-in-Law Ever Received

2. Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Kryptonian Flamebird
180 Celebrities, Comics Professionals and Other Folks Making an Appearance on the Cover of 1978’s Superman vs. Muhammad Ali 

3. Making the Grade: Types of Kryptonite
My (hopefully) humorous attempt to grade the many types of kryptonite that our Big Blue Buddy has had to contend with over the years.

4. More Like “Mild-Mannered Attention Whore,” If You Ask Me
25 Stories Featuring Appearances by Clark Kent in a Book Not Published by DC Comics

5. Fighting for Truth, Justice and…. What Was That Last Thing Again?
23 Comic Covers, 2 Screenshots and 1 Jigsaw Puzzle Showing Superman and the American Flag Together

6. What the ‘L’ Is Going On Around Here?
33 Members of Superman’s Supporting Cast Whose Monogrammed Luggage Might Cause Confusion if They All Arrived En Masse at Metropolis Airport

7. Faster Than a Speeding Bullet? Not Always…
24 Stories That Shed Some Insight on Why It Took Superman and Lois Lane 58 Years to Finally Get Hitched

8. OK, We Get It: It’s a Very Important Comic
16 Instances in Which Comic Artists (and 1 Fanboy Movie Director) Pay Homage to Action Comics #1

9. You’ll Believe a (Super) Man Can Flop
48 Scenes That Show Why Superman IV: The Quest for Peace Is a Solid Contender for the Title of Worst Superhero Movie Ever Made