As If the Masks and Tights Weren’t Kinky Enough

45 Comic Covers That Show Our Heroes in Handcuffs

handcuffs-manofsteelHappy new year! I can’t think of a better way to welcome in 2015 than with a bunch of covers showing people in tights bound in handcuffs.

(Wow, when I say that out loud it does sound kind of kinky…)

Okay, let’s start again. Remember way back before that Man of Steel movie disappointed everyone, when we saw that teaser poster showing Superman wearing handcuffs? And remember how half the Internet went berserk because the very idea of the World’s Mightiest Mortal — or any superhero worth his or her salt — allowing himself to be shackled by mere military or law enforcement officers with their puny little wrist restraints was too ridiculous to even contemplate?

Yeah, about that…


One response to “As If the Masks and Tights Weren’t Kinky Enough

  1. That’s the second time I’ve seen Damage on your blog.

    Nice cover compilation.

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