“And One Shall Surely Die!”

26 Covers That Promise of the Death of a Major Character

Admit it — they get you every time, don’t they?

Even though you know comic-book deaths never last, even though you know the very idea of “death in comics” being an actual thing is so laughable there’s an entire Wikipedia page on the subject, you still get a little tingle every time you see a cover that says something along the lines of, “In this issue: someone DIES!”

I know it happens, because I’m a sucker for those issues, too. Because you never know if this time — this time — they might actually do it. I mean, it could happen, right? Right?


One response to ““And One Shall Surely Die!”

  1. The art for the X-Men 2099 cover is ATROCIOUS.

    Also I remember a lot of covers that proclaimed ‘This Issue, BATMAN DIES!!’ at the top that were going around at one point.

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