Admittedly, C’s Red-White-and-Blue Colour Scheme Is a Dead Giveaway

26 Distinctive Font Examples from Iconic Comic Book Logos

Yes, fonts! Because you know who doesn’t love fonts? People who hate fonts, that’s who. And those kind of people are definitely not my kind of people.

Fonts (from the Middle French fonte, meaning “something that has been melted; a casting”) have a long and distinguished history in the comics — which we’re not going to get into right now, because it’s time to get quizzin’.

Your mission: Identify the comic books whose cover logos contain the following 26 letters. Some of them should be easy to figure out, others not so much. Some are recent titles, others not so much. Some of these letters can be found at the beginning of words, while others… you get the idea.

Ready? Annnnnnnnnnd…. go!


(Answers below…)







A – Action Comics (c. 1940s)
B – Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Eight
C – Captain America (c. early 1990s)
D – The Walking Dead
E – Archie 
F – Fantastic Four (c. 1960s)
G – Green Lantern (c. 1940s)
H – Herbie
I – Justice League of America (c. 1960s)
K – The Tick
L – Love and Rockets
M – Mad
N – The New Gods (c. 1970s)
O – Astro City
P – Power Pack
Q – Aquaman (c. 1960s)
R – Robin (c. 1990s)
S – Swamp Thing (c. 1980s)
T – T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents
U – Incredible Hulk (c. 1990s)
V – Adventure Comics (c. 1950s)
W – Spawn
X – Uncanny X-Men (c. 1980s)
Y – Journey Into Mystery (c. 1960s)
Z – Zap Comix


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