Blame It On the Rain

31 Comic Covers Where Someone Strikes a Dramatic Pose in the Rain

How does that saying go, “April showers bring May flowers?” Yes, after the kind of winter we’ve had we could use a lot of flowers this year. So consider this collection of comic covers my own personal rain dance for this month.

Funny thing: when I do one of these “Curious Covers” lists, I can usually find examples spread out across the decades, from the 1940s all the way up to today.

But this “striking a dramatic pose in the rain” cover concept seems — as far as I can tell, anyway — to have started in the 1980s, when the idea of a cover as a piece of symbolic art (as opposed to a literal representation of a scene inside the book) started to take root in mainstream books.

Or maybe I’m just being lazy on this one. Do you know of earlier examples of kind of cover?  If so, let me know:


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