First in a Series, First in Our Hearts

ilovethe80s52 First Issues from the 1980s That I’m Hauling Out Just to Remind Y’All Why the ’80s Was the Greatest Decade Ever for Comics

Hey, let’s have another theme month! And I can’t think of a decade more deserving of a whole month of lists than the Eighties.

Now, I could go on about how the 1980s was the greatest decade ever, but we’ve got all month to get into that. For now, here’s a sampling of the smorgasbord that comic lovers had to look forward to every month during that totally tubular decade. Enjoy!

80s-akira180s-alienworlds180s-ambushbug180s-americanflagg180s-amethyst1 80s-batmanspecial180s-blueberry180s-bluedevil180s-camelot180s-cloakanddagger180s-concrete180s-crisis180s-damagecontrol180s-darkknightreturns180s-elektra180s-excalibur180s-firestorm180s-gijoe180s-greenarrowlongbow180s-groo180s-hellblazer180s-justiceleague180s-legion89-180s-lonewolf180s-loveandrockets180s-manofsteel180s-maus180s-mazingman180s-moonknight180s-nam180s-nightforce180s-pacificpresents180s-punisher180s-question180s-raiders180-swampthing180s-sandman180s-secretwars180s-shehulk180s-startrek180s-suicidesquad180s-teentitans180s-tmnt180s-transformers180s-troublewithgirls180s-vforvendetta180s-vseries180s-watchmen180s-webofspiderman180s-wolverine180s-wonderwoman180s-zot1

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