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When Giant Ants Attack!

antman-month35 Comic Covers That Show Ants Striking a Threatening Pose

Hey, Ant-Man is coming to theatres this month! And you nay-sayers once said it could never be done. Boy, I sure am glad I was never one of those know-it-all comic fans who might ever have said something dismissive about Ant-Man, like maybe how Marvel would never be stupid and/or desperate enough for cash to give this guy his own movie. Yep, I sure am glad I never, ever said anything like that… (whistles, walks away slowly)

ants-talestoastonish27Okay, let’s be honest — back in the days when making a movie about a B-list superhero like Iron Man or Thor seemed like a big risk, did anyone actually think we would see the day when Ant-Man — Ant-Man, fer crissakes — would get a shot at the box-office big leagues? Certainly not me, who once tagged this guy as one of those superheroes with a highly questionable animal-based theme and codename.

And yet here we are: major motion picture, major film stars, amazing (to judge by the trailers) special effects, the works. All for a guy who… shrinks and talks to ants. Huh. Maybe we should just bow to the inevitable, drain all our vital fluids and ship them directly to Marvel Studios. Because if they’re capable of making a massive money-making hit out of this guy, then they’re clearly as unstoppable as an army of giant mutant ants out to destroy us all.

Well, never let it be said that I won’t jump on every bandwagon that rolls by. I hereby declare it Ant-Man Month here at Dispensable Lists, so let’s start it off by saluting the comic that started it all, Marvel’s Tales to Astonish #27.

This 1962 issue was the first appearance of our size-changing scientist, and as you can see from the issue’s cover his experiments landed him in a spot of trouble when his shrunken form came across a colony of ants. In honor of Dr. Pym’s first harrowing adventure, here are a few more covers depicting ants in various sizes and threatening poses. Enjoy!