Six Feet Under… And Loving It

29 Covers Featuring Point-of-View Shots from the Bottom of an Open Grave

cryptkeeper“Good evening, BOILS and GHOULS! It’s your old fiend the Cryptkeeper, or should I say the master of SCARE-emonies for this site. I popped in to say I think it would be an absolute SCREAM to talk about some of my favorite DEATH-obsessed covers. In fact, I predict GRAVE consequences if we don’t! Hee hee hee hee…” 

All right, enough of that. Man, that guy makes it look so easy, doesn’t he?

I thought I’d take the next few months to look at a few comic covers that delve into some death-related themes. So let’s get things started with some covers that place the reader in the position of looking up from the bottom of an open grave — which, I think we can all agree, is a pretty scary place to find yourself, regardless of whose name is on the headstone:



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