We Take Our Leaders For Granite In These Parts. Get It? Granite? I’ll… Show Myself Out.

30 Covers (and 1 Calendar) Featuring Mount Rushmore in One Form or Another


Hey, it’s February! Happy Presidents’ Day to my American friends. Or Washington’s Birthday. Or Washington and Lincoln Day. Or… man, you guys like to make this holiday a confusing one, don’t you? (Then again, I’m hardly one to judge, living in a country where the May long weekend is named after another country’s dead queen.)

Speaking of presidents: Mount Rushmore. How can you not love it? It’s the perfect setting for the climax of your pulse-pounding film, and the perfect landmark for your bad guys to deface just to show everyone else who’s the boss (like the Kryptonian criminals did in Superman II, with poor Lincoln’s face not making the cut).

Of course, it’s not just in the movies that Giant Washington, Giant Jefferson, Giant Roosevelt and Giant Lincoln have seen some strange things afoot in the Black Hills. To wit:

rushmore-spysmasher5worldaroundus-21rushmore-owl2rushmore-spooky28rushmore-brave&bold120rushmore-witchinghour84rushmore-hulk239rushmore-legends3rushmore-3dzone12rushmore-alfannual1rushmore-destroyer7rushmore-demon28rushmore-doom2099-29rushmore-decaderushmore-youngjustice17rushmore-avengers480rushmore-thor570rushmore-simpsons90rushmore-cartoonnetwork25rushmore-logansrun5lincoln-timelincoln1 rushmore-shehulk65rushmore-batman66-7rushmore-separators2rushmore-prez1


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