“No, Guys, Not In a Circle. Come On, This Can’t Be Everyone’s First Day.”

33 Comic Covers Featuring Firing Squads

Wow, quite a few people enjoyed seeing a gun held to a dog’s head last month. That’s… kind of disturbing. But hey, the people have spoken; more guns it is.

Let’s see what the world’s definitive source on everything says about firing squads… huh, turns out everything we learned about firing squads from the movies is true: blindfolds were often used, the preferred time for executions is the first light of day, and blanks are commonly used to allow firing squad members to believe they didn’t personally deliver the killing shot.

Also, let me check… yep, it seems Oklahoma and Utah are the only states in the U.S. that still offer the firing squad as an execution option. So if you have a dream of dying in a hail of government-sanctioned bullets, plan your crime sprees accordingly:



One response to ““No, Guys, Not In a Circle. Come On, This Can’t Be Everyone’s First Day.”

  1. Although not quite the same as a firing squad, I am reminded of The Brave and the Bold #171 where Batman is transported back in time to the American Civil War and is nearly executed by getting tied to the barrel of a lit cannon.

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