My Enemy, Myself

58 Covers Featuring Characters Duking It Out With Their Dastardly Doppelgängers

From the German, a Doppelgänger (literally “double walker”) is a look-alike of a living person, and they were originally seen as paranormal harbingers of bad luck. These days, we’re more likely to use the word to describe anyone who’s a spitting image of someone else.

Not many of us ever get to meet our doppelgängers in real life, and chances are those of us who do won’t have a really good reason to fight them.

But that’s life in the superhero business: it doesn’t matter if it’s a robot, clone, impersonator, other-dimensional counterpart, or something else — if you ever run into your doppelgänger then the two of you are going to fight. Hey, I don’t make these rules, that’s just the way it is.

For instance:



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