Mugshots and Lineups and Perps (Oh My)

45 Covers Depicting a Police Lineup or Police Mugshots 

And in other news… a young woman who describes herself as “just a lil princess with anger issues” made headlines this month for offering a more flattering mugshot to media reporting on her prison escape.

As reported in The Guardian, an 18-year-old Australian woman’s escape from a Sydney police station led police to issue a press release accompanied by two images of her, images in which she looked like someone who was clearly recently arrested.

When a local media outlet shared the release and photos on its Facebook page, she replied from her personal Facebook account with “can you use this photo, please and thank you [angelic emoji]” and attached a more flattering picture. Despite her request, 7 News Sydney used her police mugshots in a follow-up post on her arrest the following day.

A funny story, but I can think of a few arrested celebrities who wish they had had the option to suggest a more flattering mugshot when they needed one. Not to mention a few superheroes…



2 responses to “Mugshots and Lineups and Perps (Oh My)

  1. It’s not quite a lineup image, but here’s a link to the cover to Time Twisters #12 by John Workman…

  2. Yahp, knew Gen13 would be on here. And Monsters Inc had comics?

    Good collection Mitch.

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