Numbers and Line-ups and Perps (Oh My)

26 Comic Covers Depicting a Police Line-up 

We’ve all seen those scenes in TV cop shows. A victim or a witness to a crime is led into a room with a one-way mirror; on the other side is a line-up of shifty-looking types, usually holding or wearing numbers. Then the dramatic moment: “Number four! That’s the one! He’s the one who did it!”

Naturally, real life isn’t that dramatic, but that hasn’t stopped police forces from using line-ups during investigations. And as long they’re conducted properly, without any bias-inducing shenanigans (“Oklahoma showup”, look it up), they can be a useful tool for detectives.

And also, as it turns out, comic artists…


3 responses to “Numbers and Line-ups and Perps (Oh My)

  1. It’s not quite a lineup image, but here’s a link to the cover to Time Twisters #12 by John Workman…

  2. Yahp, knew Gen13 would be on here. And Monsters Inc had comics?

    Good collection Mitch.

  3. How about the New Universe’s D.P. 7 issue #1!

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