They Did the Monster Mash

37 Covers Depicting our Heroes in a Most Monstrous State

Hey, it’s October! Wanna do some Halloween stuff? Let’s do some Halloween stuff.

So two years ago, DC had some fun with its December 2014 issues. Since the books would be out on store shelves in October, DC gave a lot of them monster-themed variant covers, featuring our favorite heroes as zombies, mummies, vampires, you name it:

monster-batmanrobin35 monsters-justiceleague35

Before that you had Marvel, which — starting with its 2005 Marvel Zombies mini-series — pumped out a handful of Marvel Zombies specials and mini-species featuring covers that put a zombie twist on classic Marvel covers, like this:

monsters-marvelzombies1 monsters-zombiesash1

But even before that, you could still find a comic cover or two with a superhero taking on a monstrous form. And it didn’t even have to be Halloween, either — because any time is the right time for a fright time:


2 responses to “They Did the Monster Mash

  1. How do you manage to find these covers? Also, that last Batman cover still scares me. Yikes!

    • Hi Soup: Some of them are covers I remember seeing in my collection, some come from other places on the net where people have grouped covers by theme — is a fun place to browse — and sometimes I just hit Google Images and see what comes up. Mostly it involves a lot of sitting around — you know, the glamorous life of an obsessive. 🙂

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