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Yes, I Think We All Need Four More Beers To Get Through This Election

46 Covers Offering Suggestions for Write-In Candidates to Consider the Next Time You’re in the Voting Booth

Hi, America! Friendly Canadian over here. Listen, I know y’all have had just about enough of this year’s presidential election, but good news! It’s almost over! And after all the votes are counted and a winner is declared, everyone in your fine country will calm down and things will go back to normal. Right? Right. (Please?)

Of course, maybe you’re one of those voters who can’t bring themselves to vote for any of the declared candidates this year. If that’s the case, then consider exercising your right to cast a write-in vote.

Write-in candidates don’t often win, but it does happen once in a while — take that nice Oliver Queen fellow, for instance, who dropped out of the Star City mayoral race in the fourth season of Arrow but still received 48% of the vote thanks to supporters writing him in.

Not sure whose name you should write when you go to vote? As always, you can turn to the comics for an answer: