If I’m Being Honest, I Wouldn’t Send Back the Dancing Ladies

12 Comics as Recommended by The Twelve Days of Christmas 

That’s right, only 12 more days to Christmas! And in honor of the holiday, my gift to you is a few suggestions for comics to help get you through the next week and a half, courtesy of The Twelve Days of Christmas

“On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…” 

Twelve Drummers Drumming…

12-drummers  12-drummers  12-drummers
12-drummers  12-drummers  12-drummers
12-drummers  12-drummers  12-drummers
12-drummers  12-drummers  12-drummers

Eleven Pipers Piping…

11-pipers  11-pipers  11-pipers11-pipers  11-pipers  11-pipers11-pipers  11-pipers  11-pipers11-pipers  11-pipers

Ten Lords a-Leaping…

10-lords  10-lords  10-lords10-lords  10-lords  10-lords10-lords  10-lords  10-lords10-lords

Nine Ladies Dancing…

09-ladiesdancing  09-ladiesdancing  09-ladiesdancing09-ladiesdancing  09-ladiesdancing  09-ladiesdancing09-ladiesdancing  09-ladiesdancing  09-ladiesdancing

Eight Maids a-Milking…

08-maidsmilking  08-maidsmilking  08-maidsmilking08-maidsmilking  08-maidsmilking  08-maidsmilking08-maidsmilking  08-maidsmilking

Seven Swans a-Swimming…

07-swansswimming  07-swansswimming  07-swansswimming07-swansswimming  07-swansswimming  07-swansswimming07-swansswimming

Six Geese a-Laying…

06-geeselaying  06-geeselaying  06-geeselaying06-geeselaying  06-geeselaying  06-geeselaying

Five Golden Rings!

05-goldrings  05-goldrings  05-goldrings  05-goldrings  05-goldrings

Four Calling Birds…

04-callingbirds  04-callingbirds04-callingbirds  04-callingbirds

Three French Hens…

03-frenchhens  03-frenchhens03-frenchhens

Two Turtle Doves… 

02-turtledoves  02-turtledoves

…and a Partridge in a Pear Tree!


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