Nothing Worse Than a Snack That Fights Back

62 Covers Showing Someone in Imminent Danger of Monstrous Mastication 

Look, nobody here is trying to convince you that your job is always going to be sunshine and lollipops. Traffic, bad coffee, office gossip, clueless bosses, pointless meetings — we’ve all been there.

But the next time you’re having a bad day, I want you to do yourself a favor. Go into the washroom, take a good look in the mirror, and say to yourself: “Well, at least I have a better-than-average chance of getting through this day without being chewed to pieces and swallowed by a gigantic beast.”

Because you think you’ve got it bad? Buddy, you don’t know what a bad day is until you end up in a predicament like one of these fine hero types.

I mean, the halitosis alone…


One response to “Nothing Worse Than a Snack That Fights Back

  1. My faves from this one;
    Batman Family
    Wonder Woman 1
    Marvel Two-In-One
    Marvel Fanfare
    Code of Honor
    Lab Rats
    JLA Classified
    All-New Atom
    Batman Brave and the Bold
    Superboy (and Wonder Girl)
    The Flash
    Robin Son of Batman

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