But the Rain Goes Right Through Him, Why Would a Ghost Need a… You Know What? I Don’t Care.

34 Covers Featuring Characters From Harvey’s Kiddie Comics Holding Umbrellas

So… let’s talk umbrellas.

They’re handy, right? Keeps the rain off us when it’s wet, keeps the sun off us when it’s hot… and, well, that’s about it, really. Not that much to say about them, when you think about it.

But stare at a few thousand comic covers, and after a while you start to notice a few patterns — like how often umbrellas serve as both practical accessories and as a prop comic’s best friend.

Why is this? I’m guessing a couple of reasons: umbrellas have a distinctive shape, they’re universally recognized by readers, and the way they’re typically used (held above one’s head) works nicely with the vertical alignment of most comic book covers.

Plus, who can resist the adorableness of watching one of Satan’s junior minions holding aloft his very own “flame-brella”…? Not me, that’s for sure:

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