I Bet Celebrating His Enemies’ Deaths Isn’t the Only Thing Cosmic King Does Prematurely

8 Random Thoughts Whilst Perusing the Cover of DC’s Adventure Comics #331

1. So the Legion of Super-Villains would spring for only two tombstones for the whole Legion, huh? Yeah, that makes sense. Cheap bastards. They probably take money out of the birthday envelopes when they get passed around at work, too.

2. Having said that… say what you want about these guys being evil, but they definitely went the extra mile to give their sworn enemies extra-special headstones in this nondescript cemetery. With velvet ropes and everything!

3. Wait, they went ahead and ordered Superboy’s tombstone before he’s even lying on a slab? I mean, there’s being confident, and there’s being just plain cocky.

4. So we’re still burying bodies in the 30th century, huh? Funny, I would have thought we’d be shooting our carcasses into the sun by then. Or something all future-like. Curse you, George Jetson, you lied to me again.

5. How worried should I be about the fact I’m imagining all the bodies of the other Legionnaires lying together in that grave like the world’s most gruesome game of Twister? Dibs on spinning the little arrow after Dream Girl’s turn!

6. Wait, I’m confused. These villains are from the 30th century, and unless something wiped out all the history books they should have some idea when in history Superman bites it. So why are they so confident here? What if they’re messing up history by snuffing Superboy here in the future? Where’s the respect for the space-time continuum? 

7. “What terrible weapon will these super-villains use against me?” Apparently, super-confidence isn’t one of Superboy’s powers.

8. How do you suppose the bad guys got Superboy to meet them there at the cemetery in the first place? Did they just hang around and wait for Superboy to fly by and spot them? That would explain Lightning Lord’s stance; he looks like a guy who’s tired of this gol-dang monologuing crap and just wants to kill something already.

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