Sometimes You Can’t Keep a Good Corpse Down

32 Ghoulish Gravestone Covers Featuring Hands Rising Out of the Muck

Happy October! With the countdown to Halloween officially on, it feels like the perfect time to talk about everyone’s favorite topic: death!

So what is it about hands rising from graves that cover artists like so much? I’m guessing they like the symbolism of the image: “Oh, you thought you saw the last of me? You thought something as silly as death could keep me down? Think again, Chester!”

There are a couple of reasons why someone might have to claw their way up from their grave. They might not have been dead in the first place. Or they were dead and they’ve changed into something else, all the better to exact their revenge on their killers. Or maybe no one actually got buried and it’s all, you know, symbolic and stuff.

Regardless of why it happens, a hand popping up out of a grave is the kind of thing that only works in places like comic books. Because any way you cut it, six feet of dirt is heavy, and even if you did have the super-strength needed to push your way through the lid of the coffin you were buried in and displace all the dirt lying on top of it… well, let’s just say you’re going to announce your presence to us surface-dwelling folks long before your hand pops up for air.

But hey, it still looks cool:


3 responses to “Sometimes You Can’t Keep a Good Corpse Down

  1. Where’s Nightwing #69? That cover has a hand rising from the ground.

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