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Welcome to Wherever You Are

32 Covers Featuring Signs Indicating Either an Arrival at or an Exit  from a Particular Place

Yep, that’s the sign welcoming weary travellers to the part of the world where I grew up. That would be Labrador, the mainland portion of the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

I’m not sure when or how “the Big Land” name started, but at almost 300,000 sq. km. of almost uninhabited (less than 30,000 people as of 2016) forests, tundra and mountain ranges, it’s a nickname that makes perfect sense to anyone who drives through it.

Welcome signs are great. They’re the first chance that towns and cities have to make an impression on visitors. For the people who already live in those places, they’re the first signs (literally) of home that they see when they return. And when you’re a cover artist, they’re nothing handier when you’re trying to establish a sense of place… or trying to convey a character’s imminent departure from a place they might have once called home.

For instance…