Onomatopoeia, Wouldn’t Want to Be Ya

22 Comic Creators Whose Names Would Work Quite Nicely as Sound Effects on the 1966 Batman TV Show 


2. TOTH! 

3. K-A-A-A-A-NE! 


5. APARO! 

6. PLOOG! 

7. ZECK! 

8. BECK! 

9. CAPP!

10. GRELL! 

11. SAKAI! 

12. LIM! 


14. MOENCH! 

15. PASKO! 

16. PLATT! 

17. DORKIN! 

18. SACCO! 

19. STURM! 

20. TUSKA! 


22. PAPP! 

2 responses to “Onomatopoeia, Wouldn’t Want to Be Ya

  1. Speaking of Ditko… are you aware of his recent death?

  2. You forgot one… KALOOOTA! 🙂

    In case you were unaware, artist Michael Kaluta’s last name was actually used as a sound effect by Denny O’Neil & Neal Adams in a Green Lanten / Green Arrow story!


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