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Of Course It’s Me. Who Were You Expecting, Rory Calhoun?

27 Covers Featuring an Unidentified Presence Causing Someone to Proclaim “No! It Can’t Be! Not You!” (Or Similar Statement of Disbelief) 

Some time ago, someone who shall remain nameless (if only to protect her identity from you delightful degenerates) said — in an effort to mock my comic-book obsession — superhero stories were all “just soap operas with Spandex.”

To which I said, naturally, “Well, duh.”

After all, what is a soap opera if not a serialized piece of fiction with large casts of characters, lots of melodrama, implausible plot twists, scenery-chewing villains and people always going into comas and/or coming back from the dead? Sounds like a typical night down at Avengers Mansion to me.

In fact, the more I thought about it, the more I realized there wasn’t that much difference between comics and soap operas. Take the surprise reveal, for instance; think of all the times soap opera characters have been caught in close-ups after some mysterious figure emerged from the shadows causing them to shriek, “No! It can’t be! Not… you!” How many times has that happened, do you think? A billion? Two billion? The point is, it happens a lot.

Almost as many times, in fact, as it does in the comics…