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Beehives? Oh, Behave.

20 Comic Covers Bedecked with Beehives

Hey, it’s Bee Month! Why? Why not?

Why is it, he wondered one day, that bees just can’t get any respect from us humans? They give us honey, they pollinate our flowers, they do all kinds of helpful things for us sweater-wearing primates, and how do we repay them? With bad Nicolas Cage memes and Bee Movie. It’s not fair, I tells ya.

And the beehives! Don’t get me started about the beehives! You’ve got these poor bees minding their own business while trying to build a home for themselves and their little bee-lings, and WAP! someone comes along with a baseball bat or THUNK! someone’s running headfirst right into it or SLURP! some bear with a straw is turning their home into a mid-afternoon snack container.

Yeah, we see you, Winnie. We see you. And so do the bees! 

(Got more beehive covers that I missed? Let me know in the comments below!)