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Huh, I Always Figured Dracula to Be More of a Tunnel of Love Guy

43 Comic Covers Depicting Roller Coasters and the Characters Who Love Riding on Them 

But do you know the really great thing about summer? Going down to the ol’ amusement park and riding all the rides. Especially the roller coasters — who doesn’t love a good roller coaster? No one I wanna know, that’s for sure.

Aside from being a hella lot of fun in real life, roller coasters are super handy for comic artists who want to inject a little excitement into their covers. And versatile! Why, you could use a roller coaster for pretty much any comic you can imagine.

Romance? Stick some lovebirds on a roller coaster holding each other tight. Humor? Have someone’s ice cream go ker-splat in the face of the person behind them. Crime? Have a cop and a bad guy get into a fistfight on top of a roller coaster. Superhero? Let your hero and villain confront each other dramatically at a roller coaster’s highest peak. Horror? Um… I dunno, stick a skeleton in the car behind some kids.

My point being, you and I should be somewhere on a roller coaster right now instead of reading about them. But until we can make that happen… enjoy!